Me too. 

That’s all I want everyone to have the ability to say. 

Me too. That’s my story too. I have the courage to say something because you said something. 

I believe when one woman raises her voice she gives every other woman the strength to raise hers too. 

To be that ripple of change that shifts the entire world. 

All I want to be is one little ripple

And I want to teach you everything I know about being one too. 

I’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of death and come out the other side with stories to share. As a coach, writer and podcast host I want to teach everything I know. 

I’m committed to feminist and social justice principles with a solid dose of magic and manifesting mixed in for good measure. 

Yin and yang 

Both and…

Heavy and light 

I feel it all deeply.

As a kid – feeling everything so intensely left me with stabbing, unexplained pain all over my body. 

I used alternative medicine to heal which led me to coaching and personal growth. 

These days I help other womxn speak their truth – to themselves and to the world. 

It’s a journey that’s still unfolding and I’d love to have you along for the ride.

A Little Light

My latest life lessons, thoughts, stories and tips I want to share with you 

Open Up

I’m Ashley Williams and for most of my life I didn’t speak. I don’t mean I didn’t speak in front of crowds, I mean I literally didn’t talk to people. I learned at a young age to suppress my feelings (which led to chronic pain from the age of 3), hide how I was feeling and be totally co-dependent on everyone in my life.

Now I believe in using my voice to not only heal myself but to help heal a broken world. I believe when womxn use their voices we have the power to change everything.

If you are anything like me and have spent your life people pleasing, hiding who you really feel and being who you thought you were supposed to be, I’ve got a lot to share with you.

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