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Thanks for being here. If you have a question for me please use the form below. 

Here are a few quick answers about some things I frequently get asked about:

I do not accept guest blog posts. And I don’t do product endorsements. I only do affiliate marketing for programs I’ve actually been through or for my nearest and dearest friends. 

Currently I’m not booking guests on my podcast Green Is the New Black. I do have two more podcasts in the works and will post a link for potential guest on this page when I begin accepting submissions, please do not submit until then. 

I am available for written, video and podcast interviews! Topics I can speak to include:

– Overcoming self-worth issues
– Recovering from severe anxiety and chronic pain using alternative medicine and spiritual tools
– Landing podcast interviews to grow your business
– Avoiding the pitfalls as a new online business owner or coach
– Political organizing and how Barack Obama changed my life
– Using high sensitivity and introversion as strengths 
– Living vegan with ease
– Mindful goal setting

…and more! 

I also L-O-V-E live speaking events! If you need someone for keynotes, inspirational workshops, or as a host for your event, please use the form to get in touch! 


You can find all my upcoming events and the various ways we can work together right here


If that didn’t answer your question, use the form and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 


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